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Malcolm In The Middle Soundtrack - 04 Baha Men - You All Dat

[Guy:] I was up with the moon, and down with the stars, And the party was carrying on (party!). All the girls were outside, kicking sand, sipping on some sisquo (ooh!), And all the boys were standing around, dancing the congo (hey-yeah-hey...). And then, woah, there she was, I think she's looking right at me (no way), Hey! I know what I see when I see it (right). Watch me go down there and do my talk, Damn girl, I just got something to say.

[Chorus:] Tell me will it be okay if I say... You got it! You all dat! You got it! Baby, don't turn me away.

All the girls started laughing at me (ha ha ha ha ha ha!), I had to make a quick retreat, get ready for round two (bong). Coz my love is like a bomb, about to explode, And only she can light my fuse. So I'm walking (woah), I'm talking (way), Dang girl, I just got something to say.


Desperate men make desperate moves, So I dropped to my knees and pray (yeah). Please god, give me a night of ecstacy just for two. So I opened my eyes and to my surprise, My goddess of love was standing there, and she said.

[Girl:[ Damn baby, got something to say? Well, c'mon, hurry up, I don't got all day. You got the hots for me, I can see, But you gotta give ALL you got to get me. So c'mon, c'mon, what you got? Give it to me, If not, you're like all other guys who wanna do me, huh. Let me show you how it's done, You gotta Have balls, or you aint gonna get none.

[Girl and Guy singing Chorus]

[Guy:[ I no you hear this 50 times a day, [Girl:] Well 51 after you say what you gotta say Tick-tock, yo the clock is ticking, [Guy:] I'm under pressure, I'm nervous - [Girl:] Chicken. [Guy:] Hold up, girl, listen up, Hear i go You're all dat, you definately got it, girl. [Girl:] What you want? What you need? [Guy:] What I gotta say? Give me your hand, and let me take you away - [Girl:] Okay. [Everyone:] You got it! Baby, you tow me away. [Guy:] I was up with the moon, and down with the stars, And me and my baby was going to our own party.

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